Free - Green as the Soul


Free Palestine

From the north of Gaza to the south of Rafah

From the river to the sea

Free Palestine

Our liberation is connected

Free all of them

Free all of us

Let them live

Let us live

To give up on love is to give up on life

Don’t give up on love

Don’t give up on life

Free Palestine

Mutual Aid

Any proceeds from the song will go to Palestinians in need of aid. If you’re able to, please consider donating.


I’m uplifting fundraisers for my friend and her family. Their homes and shop were destroyed by Israeli air strikes and they have been displaced several times, struggling to survive in tents for many months. They’re living in rough conditions with scarce and contaminated water and food, diseases, and many insects. They cannot sleep due to the sounds of bombing, and it is difficult to get internet access. All donations directly help them survive and spread hope to rebuild their futures and dreams.

  • Aya, a 21 year old artist from the Gaza Strip. She’s sharing her message with the world through her artwork. Many of her artworks are under rubble now. She was also studying nursing, but her university was destroyed. Aya hopes to complete her university studies and continue developing her talents. [Instagram | Donations]
  • Shereen, a 22 year old teacher, who was studying basic education and working out of several education centers. [Instagram | Donations]
  • Esraa, a 26 year old teacher, who hopes to continue her masters studies and open educational centers in Gaza. [Instagram | Donations]
  • Ahmed, a radiologist; his wife, and their 3 children, the youngest who is 5 months old. [Instagram | Donations]
  • Hamed, a nurse; his pregnant wife, and their 1-year-old son. [Instagram | Donations]

Else Elna Elak, which means “what we own, you own” in Arabic, is a voluntary team of students from Gaza that have been helping people in need since 2018. They’re actively working to deliver food, water, and spread hope to thousands of people living in displacement camps on the Gaza Strip.


Jenan Matari – Award-winning Palestinian-American storyteller who has created an abundance of educational content about Palestine. A good place to start is the Palestine 101 series in her Instagram story highlights.

Honor the Earth – Indigenous wisdom and historical information in solidarity with Palestine.

Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza – Decolonial, Ancestral & Spiritual wisdom for wellness & liberation.

Sogorea Te’ Land Trust – Non-profit organization returning Indigenous land to Indigenous people.

Prayer, Action, & Divestment

I speak with Love. I speak for the Earth. I speak for all Innocent Life that continues to be harmed and desecrated in man’s pursuit of power, domination, and expansion. I speak for the Beings, Waters, and Lands that have been poisoned, controlled, and abused. I speak for every Being who had their life taken away far, far too soon…

May all exploitation end now.

May all harm end now.

May all wars end now.

May all beings be free now.

The United States government is not just complicit, it is directly responsible for continuing to fund, support, and arm Israel in their continuous genocide of Palestinians.

This is a call to open our eyes and shift our perspectives in America about how we see ourselves, our government’s actions, and the rest of the world. This is a call to divest from Israeli-funded politicians, products, companies, and anyone who is in support of this genocide.

This is a call to use your voice, to speak up, to learn, to share, to take action, to donate, to create, to divest, to do something, to do anything.

Dare you to care. ❤️